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The Soul of Relais

Unique Sensory Experience: The Scent of the Seasons in the Gardens of Relais Corte Guastalla

Welcome to our enchanting floral paradise at Relais Corte Guastalla Apartments, where each season paints a new masterpiece of fragrances and colors. Our gardens, passionately maintained with respect for nature, offer an unforgettable sensory experience that will remain etched in your hearts and memories.

Spring: An Enchanted Awakening

With the arrival of spring, the gardens at Relais transform into a triumph of colors and aromas. Almond and cherry trees bloom, delighting us with their intense white and pink flowers, alongside wisteria and viburnum. Forsythia adds a note of brilliance with its yellow flowers, creating a lively and refreshing landscape.

Summer: Harmony of Colors and Life

Summer transforms our gardens into a vibrant stage, where the butterfly bush (Buddleia) becomes the undisputed queen. Beloved by butterflies for its nectar-rich flowers, the Buddleia creates a captivating spectacle that enchants and fascinates. Our hardworking bees contribute to the maintenance of the ecosystem balance, offering us a natural display of rare beauty. Flowering lime trees welcome bees among their branches, while the intoxicating scent of evening jasmine promises magical evenings in the starlit courtyard. We must not forget the pond adorned with water lilies and the lavender that attracts bees, providing us with an unforgettable multisensory experience.









Autumn: Melody of Colors and Flavors

With autumn, our gardens are painted in warm and welcoming hues. Dog roses emit a sweet scent, while pomegranates and pyracantha berries light up the pathways with red and orange. Our Virginia creeper transforms into a vast range of autumnal shades, providing us with a breathtaking chromatic display. The grape harvest in the vineyards around us fills the air with a unique fragrance, while the pomegranate generously offers its juicy fruits.

Winter: Quietude and Charm

In the winter months, our gardens offer a tranquil and enchanting refuge. The Japanese medlar and winter cyclamen bloom even in the cold, adding touches of color and fragrance in an atmosphere of peace and serenity. Dog roses color the garden with their berries, which we love to use to adorn the Advent wreath, creating a magical and welcoming atmosphere.

Commitment to Biodiversity and Well-Being

Our philosophy embraces sustainability and the well-being of guests, integrating biodiversity at the heart of the Relais experience. We use natural products for garden maintenance, ensuring a healthy habitat for pollinators and a pure environment for our guests. The gardens of Relais Corte Guastalla are an invitation to experience unique moments, where nature expresses itself in all its forms. We look forward to sharing this sensory experience with you, where each season unveils new wonders and sensations.

Via Guastalla Vecchia, 11
37060 Sona (VR)
Tel: +39 045 6095614