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The Soul of Relais

Exploring Relais Corte Guastalla Apartments: A Beacon of Sustainability

Welcome to Relais Corte Guastalla Apartments, where every detail is designed to minimize environmental impact and promote eco-friendly practices.

Biodynamic Compost: The Green Heart of Our Relais

Our biodynamic compost transforms plant waste into fertilizer, enriching the gardens and reducing the ecological footprint. This practice underscores our commitment to soil health and the environment.

Recyclable Pool Towels: A Small Gesture, A Big Change

We encourage the conscious use of pool towels. You will find pool towels in a basket in your apartment. During your stay, you can exchange them for a contribution of 3€, helping us in reforestation projects and showing love for nature.

Pioneers in Waste Sorting: A Recognized Commitment

We offer efficient waste sorting solutions in each apartment, aiming for 100% conscious disposal. The “Comune Riciclone” award from the Municipality of Sona confirms the success of our green policies.

Zero Plastic, Maximum Comfort

Our Plastic Free policy extends to all aspects of the Relais, ensuring a green experience with sustainable materials and eliminating single-use plastic.

Natural and Sparkling Water: Sustainably Quenching Thirst

We combat the excessive use of plastic bottles by offering free water dispensers, promoting a healthy and environmentally respectful lifestyle.

Eco-Responsible Cleaning with Ecolabel

We maintain high cleaning standards using EU Ecolabel certified products, combining efficiency and low environmental impact.

Promoting Energy Sharing and Reduction

Centralized use of the coffee machine in the common area reduces energy consumption and encourages interaction among guests, strengthening the Relais community.

Support for Sustainable Mobility

With a charging point for electric cars, we support clean transportation solutions, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable mobility.

Relais Corte Guastalla Apartments stands out in the hospitality sector as a model of sustainability, showing that luxury and environmental respect can coexist. By choosing to stay with us, you contribute to more responsible tourism and a greener future.

Thank you for supporting our sustainable vision!

Via Guastalla Vecchia, 11
37060 Sona (VR)
Tel: +39 045 6095614