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Discover Trattoria Colli Storici: A Culinary Gem in the Heart of Custoza

At Relais Corte Guastalla, our guests enjoy the luxury of a fully equipped kitchen. However, most of them are excited to explore the culinary delights that our region has to offer. Among these, Trattoria Colli Storici stands out as one of the most beloved and recommended restaurants.

A Family Tradition in Custoza

Located in the picturesque area of Custoza, renowned for its excellent wine and authentic trattorias, Trattoria Colli Storici is a true landmark for those who wish to immerse themselves in the local culinary tradition. Our discovery of this charming place dates back over 20 years, during the renovation works of “La Guastalla.” It was then that we began to frequent the trattoria, attracted by Mrs. Ester’s cordiality and her passion for traditional cuisine, based on the gathering of wild herbs and mushrooms, including the exquisite radicchio of Guastalla.

The Evolution of Trattoria Colli Storici

Over the years, the tradition of good cuisine has been expertly carried on by her daughter Chiara, while her son Matteo continues to warmly welcome guests, ensuring that Mrs. Ester’s hospitality remains a constant. Recently renovated, the trattoria now proudly displays prints of the historic battles of Custoza on its walls and boasts an expanded, relaxing outdoor area.

A Menu Celebrating Local Cuisine

The dishes served at Trattoria Colli Storici are a tribute to the typical cuisine of the area, prepared with seasonal ingredients and a touch of artisanal mastery. From bronze-cut pasta to meat tortellini and excellent grilled meat, each dish tells a story of tradition and passion. Seasonality plays a key role in the menu, with specialties like Custoza broccoli in winter and various asparagus preparations in spring.

A Unique Family Experience

Our personal connection to Trattoria Colli Storici is strengthened by precious family memories, such as our son Filippo’s first plate of tortellini, which remains his favorite after many years. The “real” French fries, hand-cut and perfectly cooked, are another reason to visit this special place.

Why Visit Trattoria Colli Storici

Choosing to dine at Trattoria Colli Storici means more than enjoying an excellent meal; it means becoming part of a culinary story rooted in the culture and authentic flavors of Custoza. We invite you to discover this gem during your stay at Relais Corte Guastalla for an experience that will enrich your journey with taste and tradition.

Trattoria Colli storici

 Str. Ossario, 2, 37066 Custoza (Verona)

Tel. +39 045 506014


Via Guastalla Vecchia, 11
37060 Sona (VR)
Tel: +39 045 6095614