Dear Friends...

Dear Friends,

Relais Corte Guastalla is ready to welcome you!

During these weeks we have worked tirelessly to guarantee you safe and fulfilling holidays with a lot of new things that we can’t wait to show you…

With regard to safety, all common areas, rooms and also outdoor areas such as the outdoor pool area and garden furniture have been sanitised. We have further improved all the daily disinfection and sanitisation procedures that our staff of cleaning professionals carry out using only professional and certified products.

With respect to the theme of “distancing“, those who are already familiar with us know that at Relais Corte Guastalla space is certainly not an issue, on the contrary: “it is easier to get lost than to find yourself” as an old Italian saying goes, and this thanks to numerous, large internal rooms that can be used as a relaxation area for reading in the shade or sipping an aperitif. Not to mention the three hectares of park that surrounds our facility: we have “sown” benches under the centuries-old trees that embellish our estate and various garden furniture in the most beautiful parts of the park to guarantee our guests the possibility of an outdoor experience in complete privacy and safety!

For the rest, in the common and internal areas of the Relais, we invite you to keep a distance of one metre from other people and to use a mask (for a little longer!) if in the presence of others. You will find disinfectant gel in all rooms and areas, and we are also ready to make your check-in even more straightforward: send us your identity documents before your arrival, and we will have everything ready to ensure that the bureaucratic part is truly reduced to a minimum.

In the pool area, that awaits you with its infinity pool, we have further increased the distance between one parasol and another. To give you a safe start to the day, we have also been working to welcome you with a smart offer that will safeguard the uniqueness and value of our breakfast.

Which is? We have not sacrificed any preparation, dish or product that are part of breakfast as we conceive it: the difference is that you will find the various elements of our buffet that you love so much already divided into inviting glass jars, packaged by us with the aim of ensuring maximum safety. And what does not fit in a glass jar we will serve you at the table protected by a silver cloche! It’s a feast for the eyes (as well as the palate!)…

We would also like to tell you about the 400 flowering plants (some of them very rare and fascinating, with their bright colours that grab your attention at first glance) with which we have coloured our park with lawn and surrounded the biodynamic pond but we wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise! That’s why we won’t tell you anything about our new friends either…yes, we have 400 new types of flowers and… we have bees (and fresh honey for breakfast!).

Oops, we’ve revealed too much… Aren’t you curious to see everything else with your own eyes?

We are waiting for you, for a new Italian summer!

See you soon!

Orietta and Franco

Come raggiungerci

In auto

Autostrada: A4 Milano- Venezia, uscita Sommacampagna, poi svoltare a destra in direzione Sommacampagna centro. Una volta giunta nella piazza principale, di fronte al Comune, svoltare a destra. Procedere per circa 3 km. Uscire dal paese ed imboccare un viale alberato. Allo stop, procedere dritto sul viale sterrato, fino a destinazione.

In aereo

Aeroporto Verona Valerio Catullo (12 km)
Aeroporto Orio al Serio Bergamo (100 km)
Aeroporto Milano Malpensa (188 km)
Aeroporto di Milano Linate (134 km)
Aeroporto Marco Polo di Venezia  (139 km)

In treno

Stazione FS Verona Porta Nuova (20 km)
Stazione FS di Peschiera del Garda (12 Km)

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